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About Oghma Group International

Consulting and research agency that provides intellectual services

Oghma Group International (OGI) is a consulting and research agency that provides high-quality intellectual services for development organizations, professionals, businesses, governments, and individuals.

OGI was founded in 2015 by three Lebanese women with two broad objectives: 1) to provide research and services to foreign scholars, Ph.D. and M.A. candidates, journalists, writers, and organizations and 2) to capitalize on the availability of professional and highly skilled women for freelance and consulting work.

Oghma collaborates with both female and male experts in a wide variety of research and business services in four broad categories:
1) Research;
2) translation and transcription;
3) design and print-making; and
4) social media content.

Oghma Group International

Work Portfolio

2022- Research- “Migration and its repercussions on the elderly left behind in light of the successive crises in Lebanon.” Dr. S. Menhem and Dr. A. Ghosn are presently conducting research, reviewing literature, identifying key stakeholders, designing and administering questionnaires and interviews, after which they will analyze the results and write the report. Members of the Oghma Group are participating in the fieldwork and the translation.

Who We Are


Ms. Guita Hourani, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, Chair of the AB, Migration & Citizenship Expert

Ms. Malvina Salloum, M.B.A.

Co-Founder, Director, and Sworn Translator

Ms. Antoinette Moubarak, M.A.

Co-Founder, Art & Media