Who We Are

About Us

Oghma Group International (OGI) is a consulting and research agency that provides high-quality intellectual services for development organizations, professionals, businesses, governments, and individuals.

OGI was founded in 2015 by three Lebanese women with two broad objectives: 1) to provide research and services to foreign scholars, Ph.D. and M.A. candidates, journalists, writers, and organizations and 2) to capitalize on the availability of professional and highly skilled women for freelance and consulting work.

Oghma collaborates with both female and male experts in a wide variety of research and business services in four broad categories: 1) Research; 2) translation and transcription; 3) design and print-making; and 4) social media content.
Our team is composed of multidisciplinary, multilingual, multisectorial, and multicultural professionals. We facilitate the projects of INGOs, NGOs, Ph.D. and M.A. students, writers, journalists, and filmmakers who are interested in working in Lebanon.

We are experienced in operating within environments of insecurity, reaching hard-to-access populations. We adopt our activity to the local cultures and situations of the various communities living in Lebanon, which is unequivocally necessary in order to secure fruitful intellectual contact, communication, and results.

Our researchers have experience in all the provinces and communities of Lebanon. They are deeply knowledgeable about the social, political, and economic contexts in Lebanon and the MENA region, and keep abreast of developments in these rapidly changing scenes.

We believe that scientific research is a prerequisite for upward socioeconomic mobility and socially balanced development. Such research positively affects the standard of living, can be utilized to increase prosperity and growth, and encourages the kind of creativity that can boost individual and national well-being.  
We deem translation of intellectual work as fundamental for cross-fertilization of ideas, leading to more informed decisions and policy-making.  
We are well aware of the powerful tools we possess in today’s globalized media community.  Our role is to help our clients share ideas, results, and concerns with their intended audiences and the general public through best practices in design, publishing, and social media content creation.

Collectively, we have over eighty years of combined experience serving local, regional, and international institutions, individuals, and businesses, helping make and institute policy. We have served clients in Lebanon, the US, Canada, France, Tunisia, Kuwait, Ethiopia, Cyprus, Armenia, Palestine, Jordan, Australia, Switzerland, Italy, and the EU.