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Dr. Guita Hourani Took Part in a Research Trip to Hungary to Study Migration and Border Crossing

A field trip to Hungary was organized as part of a four-year collaborative research project to study migration histories and policies in Japan, Lebanon, and Hungary. The group was led by Professor Osamu Ieda and included members from Japan (Professor Hidemitsu Kuroki, Dr. Aiko Nishikida, and Dr. Kenta Suzuki), Türkiye (Dr. Nurcan Ozgür), Lebanon (Dr. Guita Hourani), and Hungary (Professor Norbert Pap, Dr. Viktor Glied, and Dr. Péter Balogh).
During the trip, workshops were held on the southern Balkan migration routes, the anti-migration fence, border control, migration policy, migrant integration, Muslims in Hungary, and other topics. Field trips included visits to Hungary's borders with Serbia and Croatia, the Hungarian-Ukrainian border, the Hungarian-Slovakian-Ukrainian border region, and NGOs that serve immigrants and Ukrainian refugees.
Following the fieldwork trip, similar trips will be made to Lebanon, Türkiye, and Japan.
Dr. Hourani with Professor Ieda and images of visited border crossings in Hungary and Slovakia