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2022- Conference- “Migration and Data Protection: The Case of Lebanon’s Out-Of-Country Voting 2022.” 
At the invitation of Dr. Younous Arbaoui, assistant professor of Migration Law at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and President of Clinique Juridique Hijra Maroc, Dr. Guita Hourani shared a brief presentation entitled “Migration and Data Protection: The Case of Lebanon’s Out-Of-Country Voting 2022”in which she gave an over view of data protection in Lebanon, migration data collection, lack of data protection, and leaks of migrant personal data during elections. 
The session was a side-event at the International Migration Review Forum at the UN in New York under the title “Collecting Migration Data: Empowerment or Domination? Collecting and Using Migration-Related Data, While Protecting the Personal Data of Migrants.” 
Other presenters included Professor Dr. Thomas Spijkerboer, Professor of migration law at the Vrije Universiteit Amesterdam who also chaired the session, Dr. Arbaoui and Dr. Sara Benjelloun, Research Associate at Laboratoire Mixte International de Recherche (MOVIDA—Mobilités, Voyages, Innovations, et Dynamiques dan les Afrieques Méditerranéenne et Subsaharienne.