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2022- Conference- "Governance, Geopolitics and Prospects: The Views of the Lebanese Emigrants on the Current Lebanese Affairs.”
Dr. Guita Hourani virtually participated in the 5th International Congress of Writers and Readers for Lebanon in Argentina. The Congress’ participants hailed from various countries, including Argentina, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Colombia, the USA, Morocco, Spain, Germany, and Lebanon.
Dr. Hourani’s talk was based on an online anonymous survey, in which Dr. Hourani examined Lebanese emigrants’ geopolitical orientations, confidence in the governing system and actors, and their preferences in regards to the current and proposed political systems in Lebanon. She hypothesized that geopolitical orientations are likely to vary within the Lebanese emigrant population depending on socio-economic status, educational attainment, gender, political affinity, and country of migration, among others.
The conference was organized by the Centro Argentino de Investigación Sobre la Inmigración Libanesa (CAIIL) under the title "V Congreso Internacional De Escritores Y Lectores Por El Líbano." The conference took place in Rosario, Argentina, on the 27th and 28th of November 2020.