Who We Are

Mr. Maurice Mezher, B.A.

Communication and Content Creator

Mr. Maurice Mezher holds a B.A. in law from the Faculty of Law and Political and Administrative Sciences at Lebanese University and is currently a Master's candidate in Human Geography at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences at the same university. Mr. Mezher is currently a media content creator and social media expert, skilled at writing marketing concepts, strategies, media and social media campaigns, press releases, blog posts, web pages, and articles and study reports. He also works as a legal consultant, drafting employment contracts, registering companies and associations, and proofreading and copywriting legal documents. For almost a decade, he worked as a teacher of the Arabic language, civic education, and geography. Mr. Mezher is also a songwriter, composer, and singer; a story, game, and scene creator; a theater playwright and manager; and an open-door event planner and implementer. He is the co-founder and member of "SYNCOPE," a choir and community music organization, and a member of the lyrical oriental choir at the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music. Mr. Mezher is fluent in Arabic, English, and French.