Who We Are

Mr. Rudyard Kazan, Ph.D.

History, Business and industrial History, and Spirits Production Expert

Mr. Rudyard Kazan holds a Ph.D. in history from the Université d’Aix-Marseille in France. He is a university professor, researcher, and archivist. He is a professor of oral communication, research methodology, and writing skills at the business faculties of Saint-Joseph and La Sagesse universities in Lebanon. He is the head of the Archive and Research Department at the La Maison du Futur Institute. He lectured and gave conferences at Balamand University, ALBA University, the Institut français du Proche-Orient (IFPO), and the Lebanese Military Academy. He has lectured and given conferences at Balamand University, ALBA University, IFPO and the Lebanese Military Academy. He has trained and formed several database teams, including the French-language daily “L’Orient-Le Jour” and Notre Dame University-Louaize. He is a regular contributor to the Lebanese army’s periodical "National Defense," Balamand University's historical periodical "Chronos," and Saint Joseph University’s history and business periodicals "Tempora" and "Proche-Orient Etudes en Management." Dr. Kazan consults as a historical, political, and genealogical researcher on a contractual basis. He has been commissioned to produce several biographies and family histories, using extensive archival research and in-depth interviews. He is the author of several publications, including: "Histoire d’une législation libanaise au temps du mandat: La loi relative à la fabrication de l’arack et à la réglementation de l’alcool d’industrie," Tempora, Saint Joseph University, 2012; "L’arack et la Distillerie Boutros Kazan et Fils de Beyrouth durant le mandat français," Chronos, 2015; and "Arab Americans before 9/11 and after it: What Has Changed?" (In Arabic) The Lebanese National Defense Magazine, 2003. He is currently under contract with Saint-Joseph University to conduct research on the Arak and wine industries in Lebanon.