Who We Are

Mr. Georges Labaki, Ph.D.

Public Policy & International Affairs Expert

Mr. Georges Labaki has a Ph.D. in Law and Public Finance and Public Administration from the Sorbonne, Paris I, and a Ph.D. in Francophone Literature from the University of Paris XII, France. He is currently the chairman of the National School of Administration (ENA) in Lebanon, a university professor, and an international consultant in the field of public policy. Professor Labaki has taught several courses both at the graduate and undergraduate levels in different areas of law, economic, and Middle East history and politics. Dr. Labaki is a prolific author in the fields of law, public policy, history, and literature. His publications include: Anthologie De La Litterature Libanaise D'Expression Francaise, NDU Press, Lebanon, 2019; Liban: Contes Du Pays Du Jasmin, Dar Il Ibadaa, Lebanon, 2020; Chécri Ganem: Les Œuvres Complètes du Premier Écrivain Libanais d’expression Français, Dar Annahar, Lebanon, 1996; La fiscalité et le financement de l'habitat au Liban, Bibliothèque de Science Financière, Paris, 1987; and the Maronites in the United States, NDU Press. Professor Labaki worked as a consultant in France, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Tunisia, Morocco, and Niger. Upon the recommendation of the French Minister, Alain Juppé, the French President, François Mitterand, awarded the Medallion of the "Ordre National du Mérite," which is one of the highest academic distinctions in France, created by General Charles de Gaulle. He has also received other distinctions, such as the Silver Medal of John Paul II, and the medal of the Greek School of Public Administration.