Who We Are

Ms. Jessy Abouarab, Ph.D.

International Relations, Gender, & LGBT+ Specialist

Ms. Jessy Abouarab holds a Ph.D. in International Relations. She majored in foreign policy and security studies in the Middle East, and specializes in issues involving gender and LGBTQ areas. She is Visiting Assistant Professor at the Center for Women's and Gender Studies of Florida International University (FIU) in Miami in the US. Her interdisciplinary academic approach is legal-normative, fostering critical thinking about security studies, refugee governance, and norm translation through participatory learning methods by probing the design of research material and methods (the questions, issues, materials, and problems under study). In addition, as a feminist Middle Eastern scholar and an enthusiastic activist, Abouarab’s non-academic work includes grassroots advocacy and community organizing to increase the power, voice, and leadership of marginalized communities in advancing global justice. Her latest book is Reframing Syrian Refugee Insecurity Through a Feminist Lens: The Case of Lebanon, Lexington Books, 2020.